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Today she is celebrating her 26th anniversary and has given her husband a new wife as her present!! She now weighs 9 stone 12lbs Her Visceral fat has dropped from 11 - 7 Her metabolic age had dropped from 75 - 49 ( she is 61) Her body fat has dropped from 42% to 32% And she is now at a healthy weight and her smile says it all. She has achieved 3 stone weight loss in just 6 MONTHS averaging half a stone a month. Charlotte has been a member of my classes for several years but in January when she saw her visceral fat reading she decided it was time to really put some effort in. Charlotte has attended both of the Wellness Weeks and successfully lost weight last year but after sadly losing her beloved dog of 26 years she lost her focus. But in January she started to re boot her brain and put back into practice everything she learnt at the Wellness Week. She has slowly lost weight. She doesn’t come to the scales with an excuse. She accepts any weight loss however small She accepts when the scales stay the same Slowly and steadily she has lost weight. The Wellness Week allowed her this year to lose a further 5lbs and helped her achieve this amazing 3 STONE WEIGHT LOSS!! We have been working hard with Lucie our chef to devise a plan which we feel you can ALL follow. We have been discussing it in class and you have all had an email with all the food choices on it. FOLLOW it and you will achieve a weight loss like Charlotte. Look at these photos and realise what 3 stone would look like on and off!! Be inspired

This photo was taken exactly a year ago when she was celebrating her 25th Wedding Anniversary. Charlotte weighed 12 stone 12lbs

From the wellness week Michal has lost 1 stone in 1 month
From the wellness week Jacky has lost 1 stone in 1 month
From the wellness week Cathy has lost 1/2 stone in 1 month
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