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Cha Siu Pork Stir Fry


1 Fillet of Pork
1 Jar or Cha Siu Pork 
1 Garlic
1 piece of Ginger
Fill a plate with Stir Fry vegetables
Mange Tout
Bean sprouts 
Button mushrooms


Marinate the fillet of Pork in the 
Cha Siu Sauce overnight 
Cook the Marinated Pork in the oven 
120 degrees for 2 hours 

Take the Pork out and let it sit

Put all the Stir Fry vegetables in a 
non stick wok or frying pan for 5 minutes and add some of the marinated sauce from the Pork 
and cook for another 5 mins adding
one crushed garlic and grate one piece of ginger to taste

Cut the Pork (it should jus tear apart)
Place the Stir Fry vegetables on the plate. Enjoy!!!

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